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Yeni MOODLE'a hoş geldiniz.
by Admin User - Tuesday, 4 October 2016, 3:27 PM

Senelerdir kullandığımız sitesini MOODLE 3.1.2 versiyonu ile yeniledik.

1 - Artık Moodle için ayrı bir hesap ve parola gerekmiyor. Okul bilgisayarlarına bağlandığınız isim.soyad  ve şifre ile giriş yapabilirsiniz.

2 - Arayüz daha kolay, derslere birçok değişik ek ...

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Available courses

The Objective: The objective of the course is to equip the students of the political science and public administration to have an administrative perspective towards state or political issues. In this regard, introductory remarks on the theory of public administration will be provided. These introductory remarks will cover the study of fundamental concepts; discuss the main debates of the public administration discipline (politics-administration dichotomy, public administration as an art or science, etc.) and the paradigmatic changes in organizational theory. The skills and the knowledge gained from this course are essential for the forthcoming courses and further and advance studies of the public administration career.

Course Content:

Course content is designed to provide students information on: a) the fundamental concepts and definitions of public administration b) main debates of public administration discipline Evaluation:

The course will be delivered in the lecture format along with the contribution of students in discussion sessions.

Student grading will be based upon:

 Examination (% 100):

o Midterm 1 – 30

o Midterm 2 – 30

o Final Exam – 40

 Attendance (Extra %10): Students who attends more than % 50 of the lectures (6 lectures) will get an extra grading between 6 – 10 based on their attendance percentage

Make-up Exam:

Medical report is required to take the make-up exam.

Code of Conduct: - Students are highly recommended to not to use cell phones, smartphones, and other electronic devices during the class.

- Cheating or cheating attempts will be punished severely. Students are expected to do original work for all course assignments, including exams. - Students are not allowed to arrive and exist during the sessions; since it is so distracting and please be in the class on time and to stay for the entire class period.

The Objective: This course aims to help students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the economic and political aspects of globalization accelerated in the last 3 decades and its implications on state and administration through different theoretical perspectives.


Course Content: Crisis of 1970s and the fall of the Keynesian welfare state, neo-liberalism and the New Right; demise of nation-states, discovery of the ‘governance’ concept, policies and reports of the World Bank, administrative reform period to structural adjustment policies (SAPs), privatization and the basic theoretical perspectives towards globalization.

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